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We are specialised in Japanese teas, sweets and accessories.


As the first tea plantation in Japan the Shimodozono Biofarm started producing organic green tea in compliance with the EC Regulations in 1992. All our products are analysed with great care by independent laboratories for their quality.


Loose japanese Green Teas


Unlike ordinary Sencha most KEIKO Teas are cultivated in half-shade. By shading the tea bushes with so called Kabuse-Nets the plant grows in the same light-conditions as the wild tea-plant. This way, aroma and valuable ingredients develop especially good. Let the variety of tastes and aroma seduce you! All our teas ar cultivated on the KEIKO-Biofarm Kagoshima on Kyushu, the southernmost of the four main islands of Japan.


Kabusecha Tea Bags


Some KEIKO Teas are also available as high grade tea bags. The pyramidal shape allows the tea a maximum of room for movement and development. The mesh has large pores which releases the aroma into the cup easily. Like the loose tea KEIKO tea bags can be infused several times and thereby make the perfect companion for the office, travelling, the restaurant or at home. A simple and classy way to make sure your tea will always be a success.


Matcha - fresh from the mill


Traditionally Matcha is made from the fine tissue of fully shaded tea (Tencha) and ground on slowly turning granite stone mills. The on site production at KEIKO Germany is a milestone in maintaining a maximum of freshness of the fine powder. Thanks to this KEIKO Matchas can now be enjoyed without any oxidative damage to the aroma. All the precious ingredients like chlorophyll, catechines ( EGCG ), other polyphenols and vitamins are preserved


Eat to tea - Tea to eat


Our original sweets are the perfect companion to eat with your tea or for your bite of tea on the go. Produced in organic quality in Germany with fine Kabusecha Green Tea Powder.




Tea Accessories


Have a look at our large selection of accessories for loose leaf teas as well as Matcha and Green Tea Powders.


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